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Could a little book of unlikely fantasy characters in a parallel universe, a book of mindfulness, morals and manners in the modern era, ever take off? I question the universe as Usab once did….

The Grand Adventure of Prince Usab and his Horse Roger

A vain shallow prince and his singing stallion take an unplanned journey through mayhem and discover the world.

This is a fairy tale in the spirit of Princess Bride; a fable of friendships, an odyssey through weird worlds offering political satire and pop culture, and above all an old fashioned romance.

Join Usab and Roger as they meet a philosophizing tadpole, battle the creepy toxic teddy bears, go under cover with a koala spy, climb a mountains of used mattresses and a spitting volcano, find magic chewing gum, become reality tv stars in a strange city where everything is disposable and discover their true calling.

You will love feisty Princess Spitlana who dares reject the prince, her loyal assistant Loopay who dares stalk him, the army general who dreams of being a children’s magician, and the Ruthless Million of Gabarge who rules the Republic of Much Enthusiasm But Not Very Well Thought Out from his flimsy inflatable tower.

But the crazy journey is as much an inner one as an outer one for the man and horse.

This is a book steeped in environmental morals, practical thinking and optimism, where bald is beautiful and every flaw has its purpose, and through the mayhem Usab and Roger realise, that every is and has always been how it should be. This is a modern day fairy tale with an old fashioned edge.