Bald, bored and beautiful

Will she go on the path that is set for her, or take the high road to adventure?

FB Princess Spitlana


Thoughts and contemplation


Could a little book of unlikely fantasy characters in a parallel universe, a book of mindfulness, morals and manners in the modern era, ever take off? I question the universe as Usab once did….

Where to buy the book: The Grand Adventure of Prince Usab & his Horse Roger

The Grand Adventure of Prince Usab & his Horse Roger has finally hit bookstores Australia-wide. So saddle up and grab your copy from the following fine retailers!

Available as an eBook and paperback world-wide.

fairy tale satire, grand adventure, prince usab & roger

eBook and Paperback world-wide

fairytale satire

Launching into Dymock’s store Australia wide in February 2018

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One of the fine independent Australian bookstores to support us