Friends of Usab & Roger

The Philosophising Tadpole

I will be wise until I grow my legs and turn into a frog...then I will lose my heightened sense and fervent unaffected observation... I will worry too much about what other think, learn

The Philosophising Tadpole is a wise little creature who sees the world with child like truth and enthusiasm. Uninhibited by what the rest of the world is taught to believe, he is able to trust his instincts and see the world as it really is- that is until he begins to grow his legs…. then he starts to worry and see the world as it is seen by others and eventually becomes an ordinary frog with no thoughts or opinions of his own.

FB 'Have patience little tadpole. Soon you will have legs and be a frog and you won't be able to enjoy your tadpole youth.'

He opens Usab and Rogers mind, and starts them off on a mission to find purpose.

The Dancing Jelly Toads

fairytale satire, the dancing jelly toads, the grand adventure of prince usab and his horse roger

A dancing jelly toad

These toads create spectacular chorus lines each evening to celebrate sunset in their benevolent homeland. They are considered a national icon and never harmed in this idylic vegan kingdom. The colourful and talented toads are made of red jelly on the inside and regenerate very quickly when injured which is quite lucky as they are coveted as food by a neighbouring country who ate all their dancing jelly toads years ago. The army of this country seek to attack, steal and cook the dancing toads (fried in peanut butter!).

The Koala Spy

Excuse me

The Koala Spy is a single mother who found her bush taken over and destroyed by discarded Teddy Bears and goes undercover to secretly regain her homeland.

The little creature had dark eyes that shone like pearls capturing the light like nothing man-made can.'Feel me. I am flesh and blood like you. I am real.'

more coming soon…..

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