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The Koala Spy ‘ You choose who you are… happy sad, good bad, brave or afraid…..

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Incidently, this sketch, done from a hotel room in India, is was all down with my touchpad. My Wacom pen disappeared from my room, so I searched town for a replacement and came up with a HP style which should be compatible… but it wouldn’t talk to my HP computer….. so I was stuck…. but kept going…. maybe I will adds some detail when I’m back in Oz with a pen..


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Could a little book of unlikely fantasy characters in a parallel universe, a book of mindfulness, morals and manners in the modern era, ever take off? I question the universe as Usab once did….

Meet the Gang

Meet Loopay, the Princess’ trusted assistant and one of the gang who goes on a wild odyssey in the Grand Adventure of Prince Usab & His Horse Roger.

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Her plaiting skills come in handy during the unexpected adventure into destinations unknown and although she may seem vain, and appear to be overly occupied brushing said-locks, under those lustrous layers you’ll find some very big ears.

At the end of the day, she always comes through.

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Prince Usab of Empaffy

Roger Whitehorse

Princess Spitlana

General Jit

Uncle Bip (the Zillionaire of Garbage)

Reviews -the Grand Adventure of Prince Usab & his Horse Roger

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

Princess Spatlina is a beautiful princess, even though her head is bald. She lives in the perfect kingdom of the Satisfied Land where her parents, the King and Queen, and its many unique ministers consulted around the not-so-round round table. The princess knew that one day a handsome prince would come riding up to the castle on a beautiful horse.

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a kids book for adults of any age

When that day arrives, the princess’s initial sense of awe, wonder and, yes, love, at the sight of the dashing young Prince Usab on his white horse, Roger, is dashed by the destructive arrival of a military force that decimates her kingdom’s prized frogs. Overshadowed by a dashing military officer who captures the princess’s attention, the prince leaves the kingdom of the Satisfied Land to find a purpose in his life.

Sit back in your reading chair and immerse yourself in a tale of improbable circumstances and let your imagination run rampant. The story that follows is not the typical happily-ever-after, princess meets prince saga. Justine Rachael Kelly’s unique and rather unusual fairy tale, The Grand Adventure of Prince Usab and His Horse Roger, is a playful series of impossibilities and sometimes humorous trivial anecdotes as the prince and his horse venture on a journey with no particular destination in mind.

Like Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, the prince and his horse meet unusual creatures and endure equally unusual circumstances, but, in the end, they both realize that every life, even their lives, needs a purpose and that life is a journey, often one of unusual happenings, rather than a destination. The story reads like an improbably fairy tale, but it’s also very much a satire on humanity and the human condition, much like Gulliver’s Travels. Very cleverly done.

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Where to buy the book: The Grand Adventure of Prince Usab & his Horse Roger

The Grand Adventure of Prince Usab & his Horse Roger has finally hit bookstores Australia-wide. So saddle up and grab your copy from the following fine retailers!

Available as an eBook and paperback world-wide.

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The Grand Adventure of Prince Usab and his Horse Roger

A vain shallow prince and his singing stallion take an unplanned journey through mayhem and discover the world.

This is a fairy tale in the spirit of Princess Bride; a fable of friendships, an odyssey through weird worlds offering political satire and pop culture, and above all an old fashioned romance.

Join Usab and Roger as they meet a philosophizing tadpole, battle the creepy toxic teddy bears, go under cover with a koala spy, climb a mountains of used mattresses and a spitting volcano, find magic chewing gum, become reality tv stars in a strange city where everything is disposable and discover their true calling.

You will love feisty Princess Spitlana who dares reject the prince, her loyal assistant Loopay who dares stalk him, the army general who dreams of being a children’s magician, and the Ruthless Million of Gabarge who rules the Republic of Much Enthusiasm But Not Very Well Thought Out from his flimsy inflatable tower.

But the crazy journey is as much an inner one as an outer one for the man and horse.

This is a book steeped in environmental morals, practical thinking and optimism, where bald is beautiful and every flaw has its purpose, and through the mayhem Usab and Roger realise, that every is and has always been how it should be. This is a modern day fairy tale with an old fashioned edge.